For the information of the Shareholders, Customers and Well-wishers

Dear Vice Chairman and Board of Directors,  Colleagues, Customers and Share holders,

As you are aware, there was an electric stabilizer/wiring related fire disaster, inside the corner part of Hampankatta branch around @ 12 noon. There was no actual fire, but  burning of electrical devices which caused thick black smoke and engulfed the entire Hampankatta branch .

I was present in HO  at that time, and, along with our colleagues swung into action. The fire department responded immediately with 5 fire tenders. All staff were safely evacuated without any injury. Few customers who were present at the branch has been immediately vacated.  All the documents,  cash, jewelries,  servers, computers and furniture are safe, as there was no fire. Our computer system too was not affected. 

The fire service men had to break the glasses of the windows and front facade in order to flush out the thick black smoke.  The fire service has pumped in a lot of water inside the branch premises as a precautionary measure .They were suspecting some staff/ customers might have been locked inside, as nothing was visible from outside. This might have caused some damage to the furniture at the branch. Besides, the electric system have to be thoroughly checked and may require replacement or repairs.

We are already back in the HO and some of the systems are installed back on line. The Hampankatta branch may require a few days for refurnishing and repairs.  Meanwhile, the branch will be made operational  on the next working day.

I thank the Almighty for keeping all of us safe especially our staff and our customers,  and also  protecting  our documents , computers systems and property.

I thank all Hampankatta and HO staff for their calm and brave response during the fire disaster. 

Let's learn from this incident and tighten up the safety measures in our Bank/ our branches.

Thanks to all our Directors, shareholders and well wishers who have stood by us and supported us during this disaster.

A big thank you to the Fire department and all the government agencies who helped us during this disaster.

Thanks & regards,

Anil Lobo


98452 78901


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