Housing Loan

Any person with assured monthly Income acceptable to the Bank.

Rate of interest

Reducing balance               10.50% 

EMI                                                                                 ROI


i) 650 and above                                                       9.50%

ii) 500 to 649                                                             10.00%

iii)  (-1)                                                                          9.50%

iv) Hakku Patra upto Rs .15 Lakh                      12.00%                  

  • Acquisition of a house or flat or apartment, new or old
  • Construction of a house on a site or plot of land already acquired
  • Extension or renovation of the house or flat or apartment already acquired
  • Acquisition of an old house and renovation / extension thereof or acquisition of an old house, its demolition and reconstruction.
Repayment Tenure
Maximum 15 years
Minimum one guarantor with sufficient net worth
Loan Limit
Maximum amount of Rs. 25,00,000/-
Mortgage of unencumbered immovable property with building, Flat or Apartment belonging to the applicant situated within the jurisdiction of the Bank. In case of direct finance, it should be situated within the territorial jurisdiction of the Branch from where the loan is availed.
75% of the Estimate in case of construction or 75% of Registration Value in case of purchase residential building/Flat/Apartment
Other Terms
Membership is necessary for the borrower and sureties to avail this loan.

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